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Bugs Control

Bugs can easily spread in your house and it’s not easy to eliminate them without the help bug control. If you suspect bugs, eggs, visible bed bugs you should contact a licensed Bug controller to eliminate them as well as the hidden bugs. 

Fox Pest Control is one of the best in Westchester County & The Hudson Valley. We provide a quick and effective service with our best and specialized technicians team. Our services ensure the removal of bugs from where they live and breed along with other pests.Once, you will contact us, our specialized technicians will explain you the treatment programs as per your convenient.

Know More About Fox Pest Control:

Fox Pest Control was founded in 2017 by Sterling Fife with his partners Mike and Bryant in Westchester, New York. Our company has provided our top-quality service to over 50,000 customers until now. We provide specialized training for our employees because our priority is to gain trust and strengthen our relationships with our customers, employees, and the community. 

Our goal is to provide you the best service with your home protection and to expand our positive impact on society. We provide free inspection and estimate in Westchester County for removal of various pests like rodents, spiders, ants, carpenter bees, bed bugs, or more.

Bug Control Task 

Bugs can be hiding in your house where you might not see them with your naked eyes. So, we will provide you with our professional team to carefully explained to you the treatment options which are best suited for you and your property. Here the methods included in our treatment: 

  1. If you suspect the problem of bugs problem in Westchester County & The Hudson Valley, firstly contacts us right away. We will send our team for the inspection to check the places where they live and breeding.
  2. After that, we will start our treatment process as per your service timings which are convenient for you. We wanted you to assure you that a team of professionals is working on your problem. The treatment is done in the given below steps: 
  • First, an inspection of your property.
  • Then, the physical removal.
  • After that, thermal remediation and chemical application for long lasting protection. 

3. Fox also believes in and practice continuing education to our staff, so that they can provide you the top quality services with any complaint.

4. We always try to render quick and efficient services to our customers. We value time and hard work, so our team will perform the service which is convenient as well as effective.  

5. For our customers, we also offer them suitable treatment programs as per their homes and budgets. No concern, what program you will choose, you will be provided the best quality pest protection.