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Fox Pest Control Cost

Pest Control Cost

How Much Does Fox Pest Control Cost?

Fox Pest Control is a trusted name for commercial and residential pest control. A locally operated business, Fox is famous for its expert pest control and termite treatment for nearly a decade. The company has already helped over 20,000 homes and businesses eliminate and control their pest issues.

Fox Pest Control knew the value customer’s time, they have an option to choose the time of service or inspection as per their convenience. To maintain the high standard of the work, Fox follows strict rules of screening, conduct lengthy interviews, and provide extensive classroom and on the job training to their technicians. With an ever-growing extensive customer base, it’s quite often that first-time users get confused about how much Fox Pest Control Cost.

Well if you have similar confusion than you end up at the right place. Here we tried to mention every important detail related to Fox Pest Control Cost to clear all your questions.

Services and Features that Affects Fox Pest Control Cost

Like any other pest control company, type of service and feature also directly effects Fox Pest Control Cost. However, few leading companies like fox offer some additional features that won’t increase the cost but only increase work quality. Here we mentioned both types of services and features.

Services that directly influence the cost

The goal of Fox Pest Control is to provide quality services at affordable rates. That’s why the company offers a range of services to the customers includes:

Pest Control Services

Fox protect residential and commercial properties from a range of common household and rare species of pest includes:

AntsCarpenter BeesFleasStink BugsMosquitoes
Boxelder BugsCricketsMiceYellow JacketsSilverfish
Carpenter AntsEarwigsMillipedesTermitesSpiders

While selecting a service, it’s very important to understand that pest control treatment differs depending on the species of pests. Some pests are easy to remove but some pests like rodents and termites require multiple or special treatments to remove that can affect the Fox Pest Control Cost.

Home Protection Plan

This Unique plan comes with four-season options to make sure that your property stays pesky pest-free all year round. 

  • Winter- (During December- February) An interior visit, Fox’s technicians will examine and treat all holes, cracks, and every potential entry point in the kitchen, bathroom, and crucial areas of the property to protect against pests.
  • Spring- (During March-May) An exterior visit, technicians will examine around doors, windows, and under the siding and spray a liquid to make a barrier against pests around the external part of the property.
  • Summer- (During June – August) An exterior visit- Technician will apply another protection liquid application around the external part of the property.
  • Autumn- (During September – November) An exterior visit- Technician will apply another protection liquid application around the external part of the property.

You have the option to select a quarterly or all year protection plan plus. You can also ask for the additional service while making an appointment, it may increase the Fox Pest Control Cost or the company may charge you separately for the service.

Emergency Service

Fox Pest Control provides pest control inspection and service for emergency occasions. However, Fox Pest Control Cost for such occasions might be a little higher due to short notice, it’s hard to arrange a technician with already booked appointments. 

Features don’t Affect Fox Pest Control Cost

These below-mentioned features won’t affect the Fox Pest Control Cost but increase the quality of work:

100% Satisfaction guarantee– All treatments and services of Fox Pest Control is backed by 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If the customer notices any new pest problem arise, they can call the company for free re-treatment.

Same Day Service without extra charge– Customers have the option to either choose same-day inspection and service or can schedule both things on different days.

Fully trained and certified staff– Fox Pest Control takes pride in its highly trained and certified professional. All new hires undergo extensive classroom and on the job training with a mentor before they allow them to do the work alone.

How Does Fox Pest Control finalize their service cost?

Fox Pest Control offers customized treatments for every home or business they serve. The first step of the process is a free inspection of the property to identify all current and potential pest problems, all entry points, critically affected areas, and severity of pest infestation. After noticing every point, technicians recommend a fully customized plan to treat the issue. 

The size and location of the property also affect the Fox Pest Control Cost. After consulting and agreeing with the customer on a number, they finalize the price of the treatment.

Note- Fox Pest Control provides free inspections and Estimates.

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