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Rodents Control

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals that can be found all around the world. Nearly 40% of all mammals belong to rodent category (2,277 species) and a large section of this number considered as pests. Brown Rat, Black Rat, and house mouse are the most common rodent pest in the world. Because of their continuously growing incisors, rodents need to chew on the material to shred their teeth otherwise they won’t feed on food. 

Owing to their gnawing and chewing habits, rodents like rats can chew through various types of materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, and even glass. Not only physical damage to property, but Rodents are also responsible to spread harmful pathogens to humans causing dangerous diseases ranging from normal allergies to deadly infections like Hanta Virus. 

Rodents tend to be quick breeders. Many species of rodents are known for short life spans but populations are maintained through continuous reproduction. As a quick breeding species, only a few rodents can cause a big rodent infestation in a short time. Most rodents have soft cartilage and can squeeze themselves through small spaces. So, if you have a rodent infestation in your property, don’t delay to contact reliable Fox Pest Control. Our certified professional will eliminate rodents from your property. We are best in providing long-lasting and effective Rodent Control for Residential and Commercial Property.

Fox Pest Control- We eliminate rodents to protect your home and health!

Fox Pest Control is well-known for its finest pest control, rodent control, bed bug control, and termite control services throughout Capital District. The company already gained trust over 20,000 homeowners by controlling and eliminating their pest problems.

A locally Capital District company, Fox Pest Control has established itself as one of the leading firms in the industry in a short period of 8 years. Your time is important for us as well, our customers can call us to schedule the time of inspection and service that is convenient for them

We follow a strict set of screening and interview processes, so our customers will get the assistance of only the best technicians. The safety of our customers is our priority, that’s why we carefully check every background detail of our all employees. Our new hires undergo extensive training in both the classroom and on the job with a mentor before they can do the job alone. To maintain high standards of our work, we practice continuing education. 

Rodent Control services offer by Fox Pest Control

Rodents like Rats and mice are extremely destructive and dangerous. The urine and feces of some rodents can contaminate surfaces and spread diseases. Due to chewing hobbits, rodents cause billion-dollar damages every year. So, if your property has a rodent infestation, don’t delay in contacting Fox Pest Control. Our team of certified professionals will do a free initial inspection and estimation in the area of Capital District. 

Free Property Inspection

At Fox Pest Control, the first step of our Rodent Control Treatment is a complete inspection of your property both inside and out. The inspection starts with investing in the areas where you have noticed any signs. 

Our licensed and highly trained experts will then find the signs pest activity, entry points, and other areas of worry like high levels of moisture. Once the inspection of your property complete, our professional will analyze all findings and concerns with you and recommend a custom treatment to match your exact needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Fox Pest Control, we offer a guarantee of 100% work satisfaction. That’s why we created our unique Rodent Home Protection Plan. The barriers we use to protect your property against pests break down naturally over time. To maintain those barriers, we reply to treatments over the year. For whatever reason, if you notice new pest problems, call us and our team will get rid of the problems quickly at no additional cost.

Home Protection Plan

Our unique home protection plan makes sure that your home and business stay pest-free all year round.

  • Winter- During December- February interior visit, our expert will carefully inspect and treat cracks and holes in the bathroom and kitchen areas of your property to secure against common household pests.
  • Spring- During March-May exterior visit, we will treat around windows, doors, and under the siding to spray a protective liquid to create a barrier around the exterior of your property.
  • Summer- At June – August exterior visit- We will do another application around the exterior premises of your property.
  • Autumn- At September – November exterior visit- We will do another application around the exterior premises of your property.

Features of Fox Pest Control

When you select our Rodent Control service for your property, you ensure that you selected the best protection. These below-mentioned features help us to gain the trust of our customers

  • Same Day Service at no extra cost
  • Weekend and evening appointments available at no additional charge
  • Free inspections and estimates
  • 100% work satisfaction guaranteed
  • Emergency service available
  • Locally operated
  • Licensed and fully trained staff 

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No matter what kind of termite issues you are facing, contact Fox Pest Control and get professional help at affordable rates. You can contact us through our 24/7 available toll-free helpline or send us an email, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.